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At-Risk Crisis Care

Espwa provides safe, family-style homes for at-risk children waiting for a family or whose families are building their capacity to care for them through our Family Preservation Program.

Our Model of Service

We work collaboratively with IBESR (Haitian child welfare agency) in our assessments and care plans for each child.

Quality Care

Children in our residential care receive quality care, education, medical care and services that will prepare them for reunification to their home or independence as they reach the age to enter our Young Adult Empowerment Program.

We care for children with an exceptional staff who are qualified and continually trained.

Families offer the best hope of a nurturing environment for developing children. In Haiti however, providing for children and their education is often a challenge.  Our program strives to keep families together with education and counseling aimed to empower families to achieve long-term success.

Each village is comprised of hurricane-proof domes and houses up to 15 children, along with 2 live-in house monitors.

Our desired outcomes for children:

1.     Children under our care develop on task or are caught up-to-task.

2.     Children are reunified with their family or foster family by the age of 18.

3.     We care for children with an exceptional staff who are qualified and continually trained by professional social workers.

At Espwa, we provide for the primary needs of every child:

  • (3) healthy meals a day

  • Safe and secure homes

  • Kindergarten through Philo education

  • School uniform, daily clothing and shoes

  • After school program and religious education

  • Regular wellness check-ups and immunizations

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