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Family Preservation

Children develop best in caring families...

families strengthen in vibrant communities …

communities secure the future through their children.

One Family - One Hope

Families offer the best hope of a nurturing environment for developing children. In Haiti however, providing for children and their education is often a challenge.  Our program strives to keep families together with education and counseling aimed to empower families to achieve long-term success.

In Haiti, parents often give their children over to institutions and orphanages because they do not have the means to provide five primary needs for their children:

  • Education

  • Food

  • Clothing

  • Shelter

  • Medical Care

Approx. 90%

of children in Haiti have at least one, if not two, living parents

How We Support Families

  • Offer education & scholarships

  • Encourage long-term food support through farming & animal husbandry

  • Provide safe shelter through home repairs or new home construction

  • Encourage economic growth with training & job creation

Social Work

“As a social worker working in the field of child protection, I know that a child who is deprived of a family environment faces significant harm, could suffer developmental problems, long-term psychological injuries, risks academic failure and finally risks being cut off from the social fabric they need to grow up to adulthood.”    

Clifford CHARLES, PES Social Worker

Our desired outcomes for families:

1.     Families and children live together in their own homes, as much as possible.

2.     For families in crisis to regain their children within a couple of years of engaging with us.

3.     Families are strengthening through training and empowered as role models for their children.

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