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A Blessed Mother's Day for Strong Women

We wish a happy and blessed Mother's Day to all of the mothers in Haiti!

We are grateful for the women on staff at Pwoje Espwa who serve as house monitors for the children, administrators, teachers, and everything in between. Many of them have their own children at home to care for, and are the sole providers for their families. Today we celebrate their courage in the face of adversity, their wisdom, their loving guidance, and their strength.

Thank you for helping us honor strong mothers by donating this month.

May isn't over yet - it's not too late to make a donation in honor of a mother in your life and give a card to a mother in Haiti.

Give a card.


In honor of Memorial Day tomorrow, remember a loved one with a donation to a family in need.

Just as our loved ones dedicated their lives to serving others, you can give a family in Haiti the opportunity of a new, stable life.


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