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A new year at Pwoje Espwa

The new year has started off strong at Pwoje Espwa as we bring renewed hope and faith for our children, their families, and our communities in 2020.

The week began with a blessed visit at Sunday mass from Fr. Charles Joseph from the Catholic Church in Les Cayes. The children are always eager to receive spiritual guidance from the faith leaders in our communities.

Students have also returned to their classrooms to begin a new semester. Having missed almost 2 months of school this fall, students are hungry to learn. Our resilient team of directors and educators is determined to bring students up to date in their studies and provide additional support. (photos)

While there has been no major escalation of the crisis in Haiti, the situation remains unresolved and unchanged.

  • Parents struggle to earn money to feed their families in a ravaged economy.

  • Government services remain uncertain as civic leaders and opposition undergo negotiations.

  • Many areas remain unsafe for travel due to gang activity.

  • The availability of food and other basic needs remains difficult pushing prices beyond the means of many families.


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At Pwoje Espwa, we need your help to enable our staff to continue working diligently to keep our programs operating at their fullest capacity. Social workers are working closely with families to strengthen their ability to provide for their children.  Our child development staff must feed and ensure a safe, loving environment for over 100 children that remain on campus.

Thank you for your ongoing support and prayers!  Our staff and children pray for you daily.  We wish all of our friends, donors, and partners hope as we embrace 2020!


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