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Back to learning, exploring... back to school!

It’s that time of year again… soon you will be walking down the aisles of the office supply store, your child excitedly throwing into the cart packages of markers, every color notebook, and folders embossed with cute kittens and puppies.

Having aisles of endless pencil choices and a parent who is able to purchase them - or rather shopping for school supplies in general - is a luxury for many children in Haiti.

Providing school supplies, books and uniforms for students who attend school at Pwoje Espwa is one of the ways we try to break the barriers that keep many children out of school.

As we begin to think about the beginning of another school year, please consider sharing the excitement of opening a new notebook on the first day of school with a child in Haiti.

Every child has the right to stepping into the classroom this fall. Every child has the right to a quality education.


Make a donation to supply the children who attend school at Pwoje Espwa with everything they need to learn, explore, and grow this year!


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