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Back to school with new computer labs!

New computer labs for back to school at Pwoje Espwa!

Construction has begun on the new computer labs at Pwoje Espwa!

The secondary and primary schools will each have their own computer lab accessible for students and teachers. Students will have the opportunity to take classes to expand their computer literacy skills, while teachers will be able to incorporate them into lessons and other educational purposes. The labs will be completely solar powered, along with the rest of the school buildings, as a part of our solar project.

With plans to complete construction by the end of September, the hope is to have the classrooms fully functional by October so computer classes can assume operations.

We are excited to not only have new computer labs so the students can learn important computer skills and teachers can expand their resource base, but also to have our schools powered by the sun!

Even with new computer labs, classes will not be able to continue without funding for our Education Programs.

Please help us ensure the students can find stability at Pwoje Espwa in their classrooms this school year.

Make a meaningful donation today.

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