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Brothers Jamesley and Robenson Receive the Gift of Family

Because of you, Robenson and Jamesley will spend the holidays with their family.

For brothers Robenson and Jamesley, Pwoje Espwa gave them safe shelter, predictable meals, and an education. These were all things their parents were unable to provide for them.

This is the case for many families like Robenson and Jamesley's. Poverty, lack of social services, and an overwhelming cost of living make it difficult for parents to provide the care and opportunities one hopes for their child.


What mother and father wouldn't want to raise their children themselves? But we had no means. We have suffered from poverty. We were obliged to seek help with the children.

– Father of Jamesley and Robenson


Through our Family Preservation Program, Jamesley and Robenson's parents have the opportunity to raise, provide for, and love their children. For 3 years, they will receive educational support for their children, resources to start their own farm or animal husbandry business, family counseling, and training in important financial and life skills.

While their parents benefit from empowerment opportunities and become self-sustaining, Jamesley and Robenson can live at home, where they can spend the holidays with their three other siblings and their loving parents.


"The children feel so good with us. We appreciate that every time they come back from school, they come to hug us.”

– Parents of Jamesley and Robenson


We are so happy to see Jamesley and Robenson together with their family. We hope that every day for the brothers is full of hugs, support, and love.


Keeping families together – ansanm in Haitian Creole – is the greatest gift that we can give to vulnerable children in southern Haiti.

Give the Gift of Family all season long.


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