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Brothers on a Path of Hope

Brothers Kervens (14) and Lunice (16) bring a comforting presence to the Espwa community. They are grateful for the support they have found at Pwoje Espwa, but they still dream of being home with their parents and four other siblings.

As a young child it can be difficult to understand why you are being separated from your parents and family. Only a parent can really understand the gnawing fear and guilt that they are failing their child, and the crushing weight of an unstable system and economy.

With 6 children and little educational background, the meager earnings that their parents received breeding goats felt overwhelmingly insufficient to provide the basic necessities for their children. Sharing a one-room house between 8 people was not a comfortable way to live.

Their parents recognized they needed help, and Kervens and Lunice came to live at Pwoje Espwa in January of 2009, along with their brother Herby. Herby is currently in his last year of the Transition Program, where he is in trade school studying plumbing.

All of the brothers have excelled in their academics and have established themselves as kind, respectful and active around campus. During their time at Pwoje Espwa they have received loving care, healthy meals to help them grow strong, and an education.

While they have been given the space and opportunity to grow, their family has continued to struggle. Hurricane Matthew destroyed their one-room home and wiped out their goat-breeding business. The brothers hope to be reunited with their family someday soon, but their family's living conditions have only worsened over the years.

Without our help, this family has little hope of being reunited.

Their family desperately need housing support, education support for their other children, and economic assistance to buy animals and expand their animal business, enhancing their ability to earn money for their family. These are all ways Pwoje Espwa's Family Preservation Program can support families like theirs.

By reuniting this family, we will be able to extend our hands to three more children with education support and safe shelter. Herby can use his new skills in plumbing to support his community and his family financially.

The love of a family is one of life’s greatest blessings. We look forward to the day Kervens, Lunice and Herby can return to a safe, whole, loving home.

Our Residential Care Program and Family Preservation Program work hand in hand to help the entire family. Thank you for your commitment to supporting children and their families.

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