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Camp "Sun of Hope" sets this week!

This week marks the end of summer camp at Pwoje Espwa as staff members begin to welcome back children who spent the summer with their families.

Last week, staff members brought the children to a nearby hotel where they ate a delicious meal and spent some time splashing around in the pool! The cool water was a welcomed refresher in the Haitian heat.

While camp was bursting with fun-filled activities, it also included regular discussion groups where the children had the opportunity to open up on various topics, ask questions, and share opinions.

The children also participated in activities in the guest house, like skits about what they learned this summer, talent performances, and coloring. Check out the video below!

Children whose parents could afford to welcome them home for the summer are also returning to campus this week. When parents arrived on campus at the beginning of the summer eager to bring their child(ren) home for a few months, our social workers recognized a valuable opportunity.

All of the families have since been evaluated by our team of social workers, partnered with IBESR (Haitian social services). Based on their unique capabilities, each family will receive a tailored, 3-year care plan, including education, food, and business training support based on their needs. Within the next year, these families will be reunited with their children.

Over the next year, our team of social workers will continue their work assessing families of residential children, so that hopefully one day, all of them may return home to their families where possible.

Thank you to our amazing staff for their passion, dedication, and joy they brought to this summer's activities and programs! And thank YOU for making it all possible.


Back-to-school is fast approaching!

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