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Campus is filled with smiling students as classes have resumed

Teachers and students slowly returned to campus over the last month to resume their classes.

  • Students trickled in the first few days as parents were still weary to send their children to school with precarious conditions in town.

  • As things have settled in Les Cayes, more students arrived on campus in their uniforms with books in hand.

  • Finally, despite the political and civic uncertainty, every student arrived to their classroom with a smile and an eagerness to learn.

In Haiti, an education is considered one of the most valuable possessions because opens doors to every child’s dreams. With YOUR help we offer school at a fraction of what it costs in other schools.

Administrative staff and educators at Pwoje Espwa also recognize parents’ role in their child’s growth as students and future citizens. Earlier this month, the primary school principal met with parents to discuss:

  • The importance of Pwoje Espwa schools for the students and for the greater community,

  • The new modified school calendar for the year,

  • A reviewing of the school rules, and

  • How parents can help make this school year a success, amidst the current challenges.

Despite the calm, conditions remain eerily unsettled. Although major disruptions have subsided, protests are still common in Haiti’s major cities and the economic outlook remains dismal.

We ask all to continue to pray that conditions remain safe enough for schools to remain open for the duration of the school year.

For now, we are so happy to have a campus full of singing, laughter, and learning. We are also proud of the resilience of our staff and students in their pursuit of education. We hope for success in the new year!

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