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Celebrating 22 years of access to education in Camp Perrin

Pwoje Espwa’s satellite school in Camp Perrin celebrated 22 years of serving children in their community last week! 

Students adorned their choir robes and administrators dressed in their very best as all gathered in celebration of a school that has provided hope to so many students. As they processed into the room, voices chiming in unison, the resilience of each child in pursuit of their future, and the power of community behind them, was palpable in the air.

Camp Perrin is located about a 45-minute drive into the mountains from Pwoje Espwa Sud’s campus in Les Cayes. Camp Perrin, where Pwoje Espwa has its origin, is a small mountain community where access to basic services is limited to some more rural villages.

The Camp Perrin school serves 300 students in the area, providing an opportunity to attend school for many children whose parents cannot afford public school fees. The school was expanded and updated over the last year to include grades 7-9, offering more classroom space in order to accommodate the new classes and all students comfortably. Students also receive a hot meal every day, thanks to the generosity and commitment of our donors. For many students, it is the only hot meal they eat that day.


What a blessing it is to come together to celebrate the power of education and the progress that has been made over the last 22 years!

Thanks to you and other sponsors, our staff is ensuring that every child’s right to an education is fulfilled. YOU can be proud of the collective impact we are making together!

We hope you join us in celebrating 22 years of access to education for children in Camp Perrin!



to support education programs at Pwoje Espwa Sud!

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