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Celebrating Educators at Pwoje Espwa

Crucial to a child’s education are those guiding them through their academic journeys. Can you picture a teacher or school administrator who gave you a life-changing piece of advice, pushed you to give your best, or gave you unyielding support?

Last Friday, children and staff at Pwoje Espwa celebrated the teachers who come to campus every day with a passion and dedication for teaching the young minds of Haiti.

Each school had their own party to acknowledge their service to the children. Guests enjoyed refreshments and participated in various activities. There was also a raffle drawing for assorted prizes – everyone received a surprise gift!

A child’s education can determine where their path will take them. Teachers work with each child to lay out the stonework for this path, helping them to envision opportunities and strive for their individual success.

For all readers who are themselves educators or administrators – we thank you for your service to the world’s future generation of changers and leaders!

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