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Celebrating Faith in Fathers

Fathers, like mothers, are pillars in the development and growth of a child. While mothers are often credited with greater influence in a child’s development as caregivers, fathers serve as critical role models for children.

Fathers demonstrate for their child how they should carry themselves through their world. Children who have involved fathers are more likely to be emotionally secure, be confident to explore their surroundings, and have better social connections as they grow older. Children with involved and engaged fathers tend to have less behavioral problems, do better in school, and have a stronger sense of self.

While our primary goal is to connect and unite children with their fathers (and mothers!) so that they may be engaged actors in their child’s development, we are fortunate to have staff members at Pwoje Espwa who can serve as role models to the children while they are in residence.

When we think of male role models on campus, we think of staff members who have demonstrated unwavering commitment to their work, compassion in their caregiving, and integrity in all they do.

Staff members like Milou, Director of Finance, show the children how to lead ethically and show respect in all interactions. Project Manager Tiboss proves that hard work and honest communication can propel you forward and set you apart from the rest, no matter how young you are. Head of Child Development, Peronneau, pours his love for helping others and for children into everything he does. Bazile, security manager on campus, teaches the children how to maintain self control under pressure and how to handle conflicts. Delinxe, a member of the Child Development staff, offers the children many ways to stay active, whether it’s dancing, competing in a soccer tournament, or other fun physical activities.

While men like Milou, Tiboss, Peronneau, Bazile and Delinxe can never replace the biological fathers of the children who reside at Pwoje Espwa, they still serve as models for social and emotional behavior in their interactions with children, other staff, and community members.

This Father’s Day, honor your father – dad, daddy, pop, pa – with a special donation to Free the Kids and send him a card thanking him for his everlasting influence in your life.

Your donation will help us continue our mission to preserve family structures in Haiti so that every child may benefit from the molding of a loving, engaged dad, too.

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