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Classes have begun!

Primary school students stand in line as they sing the Haitian national anthem, commencing their official first day of classes at Pwoje Espwa.

Continued unrest in the streets that prevented schools to reopen on Monday did not discourage students and teachers.

All teachers and students arrived safely to campus on Tuesday for the official commencement of classes at Pwoje Espwa.

We are excited to hear the murmur of teachers at the chalkboards and students deliberating in the halls again!

While classes safely continued through the rest of the week, our teachers and students are still waiting for the arrival of some school supplies for the year. The unrest has been a major disruption to transportation of goods, delaying the shipment of supplies into Les Cayes.

It's not too late to make back-to-school a time of (hopefully uninterrupted) learning! With the prices of food for our school lunch program, school supplies, and fuel to transport it all at an incredulous high, we need your help.

Donate today!

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