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CRISIS UPDATE: 7th week of protests shutters the nation

DONATE NOW to support the children at Pwoje Espwa during this time of crisis

The 7th straight week of anti-corruption protests in Haiti commenced with continued intensity. Here are the latest updates:

At Pwoje Espwa, conditions remain the same:

  • Kindergarten, primary and secondary schools are still closed.

  • Children are engaged with various activities with the support of child care staff.

  • We continue to preserve fuel and food reserves, as resources are still difficult to access or remain unavailable in town.

  • Social workers from PES, IBESR, and CFRAPS continue to check in frequently with residential children as well as families receiving support as a part of our Family Reunification project.

  • Security guards are alert and providing 24/7 security for children and staff.

We need your help as we continue to navigate the effects of this crisis. Please consider making a donation today.


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