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CRISIS UPDATE: Instability continues after a week-long shutdown

Instability continues across Haiti as protests against the government and President Jovenel Moise's administration have escalated this week.

Haitians are protesting widespread food and fuel shortages, a weakening national currency, double-digit inflation and corruption accusations lodged against President Moise and other members holding public office in his administration.

Thousands of protesters attacked government buildings, looted businesses, and blocked essential roads across Haiti yesterday in the culmination of a week-long shutdown of services like schools, banks, markets, and hospitals. Seeking the resignation of President Jovenel Moise, protestors claim they will not stop until he has stepped down.

President Moise released his first public address in months in the early hours of Wednesday morning trying to calm citizens and calling for unity. Protesters were not sold on his words and renewed calls for his departure.

Burning tires, rock-throwing, and destruction of government and private buildings have been met with tear gas and in some cases live ammunition to disperse large crowds in the capital. In one incident, a Senator fired into a crowd of protesters, injuring an AP photojournalist. Some reports claim at least 4 people have died during clashes this week.

All of the children and staff at Pwoje Espwa are safe. Security guards have been alert and vigilant in ensuring the security of Pwoje Espwa's campus during the unrest. As we navigate the shutdown of critical services and markets, staff continue to do their best to provide programs and services for the children.

Please read the following articles for photos and more information:

Read our Crisis Update from September 21st here.

What can you do to help?

Pray for the safety of our resident and non-resident children, families in our surrounding communities, staff and their families.

Make a donation to help us navigate the fluctuating instability of the economy and keep our children safe and cared for.

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