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Cultivating curiosity and social skills for a child requires your help!

Teachers have received their yearly training. Children are returning to campus from vacation with their families. But we are still not ready.

We are still in critical need of funding for Back-to-School.

Donate here!

Education support is one of the most important services that we provide to children and families. In addition to learning foundational subjects like math, history, and reading, school is an environment in which various lessons are learned and reinforced through interactions with teachers and other students.

The learning process is instrumental in shaping a child's personality and the way he or she deals with various situations in life. School helps children acquire social skills like empathy, friendship, participation and sharing, while developing their curiosity, problem solving skills, and conflict management.

We can't provide an environment for this critical developmental growth without you.

With a $150 donation you can provide a child like Edeline with a backpack full of books and supplies this school year.

Donate today!


Read our latest e-Newsletter to learn more about how the recent instability across Haiti is affecting our education programs and how you can help us make school a stable environment for learning this year.

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