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Donors Help Harness the Power of the Sun

Thank you to all of our donors who are helping us harness the power of the sun and getting our Solar Project off the ground!

A special thank you to Four Peaks Rotary Club in Fountain Hills, AZ for their donation towards our Solar Project! Representatives from Free the Kids, Executive Director Frank Irr and Board Member Jack Reynolds, attended a meeting this week to accept a check presented by Four Peaks Rotary Club President Scott Schlossberg. We are grateful for donors who value the importance and power of this project for Pwoje Espwa and the future of the children.

Through a four-phase process, we will be installing a complete solar system as Pwoje Espwa’s primary source of power, allowing campus to become energy independent and reduce our reliance on diesel operated generators.

Pwoje Espwa depends on access to electricity for several operational functions, including:

  • Pumping water used for drinking, cooking, bathing, and toilet facilities.

  • Powering lights around campus that allow security staff to keep a watchful eye throughout the night.

  • Running communication and administrative operations among staff members in Haiti and the United States.

By converting to a primarily solar source of power, we would not only have a more reliable source of power due to Haiti’s geographic location and consistent sun, but we would be saving on the cost of operating our generators every month.

Read more about the Solar Project here.

We are still seeking funding to complete our transition to an energy-independent campus!

Help us harness the power of the sun for brighter futures

by donating today or starting your own fundraiser!

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