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Education Scholarship Gives Jean Paul Opportunity

Meet Jean Paul.

Jean Paul was one of the hundreds of students who come to campus during the week to receive an education at our schools. Having recently completed his classical education with help from a scholarship from Pwoje Espwa, Jean Paul has a bright future.


Jean Paul lives with his family in the community surrounding Pwoje Espwa. Both his mother and father live in the area, along with his three sisters and three brothers. When he is not dedicating his time to class and studying, Jean Paul works as a security guard on campus in order to help financially support his family.

A classical education in Haiti end is fulfilled with the completion of two final years in secondary school, known as Rheto and Philo. In these final years, the student finishes general education courses and select a focused curriculum based around their interests. Students must pass an official national exam after completing Rheto in order to enter Philo.

Secondary School buildings at Pwoje Espwa

The secondary school at Pwoje Espwa ends after Rheto. With much excitement among students and staff, we will be offering Philo to accepted students this upcoming school year. We will have 28 students in our first Philo class this fall.

By offering Philo, we can give students who complete Rheto and pass the national exam an opportunity to officially earn their diploma and become eligible to attend a post-secondary education, where students can build more specified skills and expand their job opportunities.

Having completed Philo at another school in town with help from a scholarship from Pwoje Espwa, Jean Paul plans to attend university in Haiti to receive a degree in business administration. With this degree, he will have many options to advance his career and income opportunities with his personable character and the professional mannerism he displays in his role as a security officer.

An education plays an important role in breaking the cycle of poverty. However, many of Haiti’s school-aged children face many roadblocks in attaining one: lack of financial resources to pay for school tuition and expenses, lack of or high cost for transportation, lack of formal French comprehension, needing to work in order to help support their family, and so on.

We believe every child has the right to an education,

which is why we work to alleviate some of these roadblocks.

Congratulations to Jean Paul for all of his hard work in school, and for his dedication in his role as a security guard on campus! We wish him luck in his future endeavors.


You can support students like Jean Paul!

Donate to Education Programs at Pwoje Espwa

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