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Fueling Students With Healthy Lunch

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

School lunch is considered a “favorite class” for many children across the United States and around the world. And for good reason!

Eating a healthy meal in the middle of the day gives students the energy they need to stay alert and active on the playground and in the classroom.

This is why our School Lunch Program is so important!


For families in our communities, the current cost of living exceeds their ability to provide basic care for their children. This includes providing them the food and fuel they need for the school day.

Let's take a look at why this is difficult for parents...


For many students from our community, lunch provided at Pwoje Espwa is their only meal of the day. Without receiving the nutrients their brains need to function at their best ability, a student's grades may suffer as a result. Not only that, but their body is not receiving the nutrients it needs to maintain a healthy level of cognitive and physical development.

We are grateful for our kitchen staff who prepare thousands of meals every week day!


During this time of crisis and economic instability, we need your help. Can you help us provide a free meal to our students every day?

Make a donation to our Education Program!

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