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Getting Hands-On at Espwa!

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

Some of the children have been helping bring some color to our new Youth Activity Center on campus!

As classes have moved into our new secondary school buildings, we have converted one of the old school buildings that was damaged during Hurricane Matthew into an activity center for children under the age of 12. Rooms in the building will be dedicated to several different activities, including art, reading, viewing for educational programs and sports, and more! We will even have a room for a size-appropriate basketball area!

Crews have also been hard at work in the boys village, where they are creating walkways between the houses. Paved pathways will make these areas cleaner and safer during heavy rains, which often flood the village and force the boys to hop through muddy waters to get to class, meals, and activities. In the center of the village we will be building a brand new play gym!

A big thank you to our Project Team and Children Development Team for their collaboration in creating active spaces for physical and social activities and areas for the children to engage in hands-on learning!

Most of all, THANK YOU, OUR DONORS, for your support in providing the resources to make all this happen!

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