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Giving the Gift of Family on #Giving Tuesday!

Together, we can give the Gift of Family to vulnerable children in Haiti!

December 3, 2019



raised in 24 hours!

Supporting a family for 3 years in our Family Preservation Program costs $3,000.

This #GivingTuesday, your donations will provide Family Support Packages to vulnerable families through our Family Preservation Program.

Adjusted for the specific needs of each family, this package includes:

  • Scholarship support for children

  • Nutrition support in the form of initial resources to start a home garden or animal husbandry

  • Family counseling for caregivers

  • Training and classes for caregivers to gain business, literary, and financial skills

Giving the gift of a Family Support Package helps families stay ansanm - together - by addressing the needs that compel parents to give up their children to institutions in the first place.

When families stay ansanm - together - vulnerable children have:

  • The love and support only a parent can provide.

  • Access to a larger community of family, neighbors, and friends.

  • A healthy, loving environment in which to develop, learn, and grow.

Give the Gift of Family this #GivingTuesday!

Tuesday, December 3rd - only 2 weeks away!

How does the Family Preservation Program supplement our programs supporting vulnerable children in southern Haiti? Visit our website to learn more.

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