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#GivingTuesdayNOW: Share the LOVE for the kids of ESPWA!



Most of us have added the giving tradition of #GIVINGTUESDAY each falls right after Black Friday and Cyber Monday...our chance to focus on giving instead of receiving.

In response to the worldwide pandemic,

May 5th has been designated as a

special GIVING TUESDAY to honor our heroes,

remember the victims, and seek solutions



Since Coronavirus first hit the U.S. and Haiti, we have been reporting to you about the fear and panic that has gripped the Haitian people. But they are not just paralyzed with fear....the economy is suffering due to the closing of markets, borders and ports. It added to an existing drought and ongoing political violence to cause a food shortage crisis. Over the past two weeks, you responded so generously to the food relief campaign, and we THANK YOU!

But the crisis is far from over in Haiti. Thankfully, COVID-19 has been slow to enter the country. But now that it is in Haiti, it will spread...and the effects could be devastating.



Our new partner, Overture International, recently convened its partner network, including leaders from Espwa, to coordinate efforts to protect vulnerable children during the pandemic. READ MORE...


ESPWA has responded!

Since Day 1, Espwa has been preparing and protecting the children and families we serve:

  • Food for 225 families in Espwa’s Family Preservation Program

  • Food for 67 additional families....and counting!

  • Hygiene training for approx. 1200 students

  • Safe water stations for approx. 75 families

  • Distance learning via phone apps, delivering homework packets

  • Participating with Overture in public health and child protection awareness broadcasts

These interventions have added costs.

Your donation provides meals, education support, and social supports

for even more families in Haiti.

Please SHARE THE LOVE....and BE AN ADVOCATE for those in need!


$10 provides meals for  1 child for a month $50 provides meals for family of 5 for a month


$30 a month to educate 1 child at Espwa

Social Supports for Families

$25 a month per family


CARES Act allows $300 donation / taxpayer to be deducted. LEARN MORE

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