Government collaboration brings an opportunity to receive identification cards

This week Pwoje Espwa invited representatives from the National Identification Office (ONI) to campus to issue personal identification cards to employees, students, and community members. This service was offered free of charge.

ID cards grant a citizen with certain privileges and services that they otherwise may not be able to access, such as opening a bank account, taking national exams for school, or receiving a loan of any amount. Without an ID card, many find it difficult to take the steps they need to advance and to live a better life.

Community members arrive on campus to receive their identification cards.

This service helped those in our community who cannot read or write, who may have a difficult time accessing this service through normal channels, or who cannot pay the small service fee.

With the assistance of ONI representatives, they now have an ID card. What was once a hurdle to their access to social services has now become an opportunity.

In collaboration with ONI, we hope to make this an annual event. Thank you to the local ONI for making this possible!


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