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Happy Mother's Day!

Mothers make incredible sacrifices, kiss endless boo-boos, teach daily life lessons, and share boundless love for their children. And in times of uncertainty, mothers teach us how to practice patience, how to care for others, and how to be resilient.

Mother’s Day this year will be difficult for many of us. Some of us will be unable to celebrate our mothers’ sacrifices and love face-to-face. Some are grieving the loss of a mother due to Coronavirus or other causes. Others may be worried for the wellbeing of mothers who find home at nursing or long-term care facilities.

For many households in Haiti, the strongest families are guided by a resilient, courageous mother. These mothers make sacrifices for their families every day in the face of extreme poverty, and now amidst a country unequipped to fight a global pandemic, this Mother’s Day will be especially difficult.

Through services provided in the Family Preservation Program, mothers have an opportunity to become the strongest mom they can be. From training in finances, parenting, and literacy, to economic support for small businesses, you give mothers hope.

Thank you to all of the mothers who make incredible sacrifices, kiss endless boo-boos, teach daily life lessons, and share boundless love for their children.

In honor of our all the mothers in our lives who have taught us how to care for others, give mothers in Haiti hope this Mother’s Day.



Mothers Who Inspire Us: Esta's Courageous Mother

Esta lived at Espwa for 3 years after her mother, out of desperation, sought help from Espwa to ensure she received the opportunity to receive an education. Her father abandoned her at a young age, leaving Esta’s mother, Ketleine, to take care of her and her brother all on her own. With little economic means to support her children, Ketleine made a very difficult decision to be separated from her daughter, only 4 years old.

After 3 years, we celebrate their reunification - Esta has returned home. Here, she is lucky to be guided by two courageous women: her mother and her grandmother. Here, she lives with 7 other extended family members, including her younger brother. Here, she receives the protection, loving relationships, and embracing affection of a family.

Reunification of children who have been separated from their parents due to extreme poverty gives children the opportunity to grow up in the best environment for healthy child development, and gives mothers and fathers the opportunity to strengthen their family.

Through the Family Preservation Program, Esta and Ketleine still have access to services from Espwa. Since the opportunity for an education was one of Katleine’s motivations for finding help for Esta, Espwa is still providing scholarship support, covering the costs of registration, uniforms, and books.

Ketleine, who did not finish school and is unable to read and write, will have access to classes on literacy, parenting, and life skills. She will also receive support in starting her own business raising goats - her next goal to help provide for her family.

With services at Espwa, Ketleine will be the best mom she can be for her kids.

Esta and Ketleine inspire us with their courage in the face of great adversity, and with their resilient faith, hope and love that bring them together. 


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