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House monitors engage students in after-school study

Yesterday, house monitors participated in training to help them better engage children in supervised study sessions during our After-School Program.

House monitors provide essential care to children residing at Pwoje Espwa. They get the children up in the morning; ensure they are clothed and their teeth are brushed; wash clothes and wipe runny noses; and provide love, support, and oversight on a daily basis. That's a big job.

While the supervised study sessions were primarily overseen by teachers, staff recognized an opportunity for house monitors to become involved.

  • Yesterday's training informed house monitors of their children's curriculum,

  • caught them up on what is currently being taught in classes, and

  • gave them advice on how to best support students with their schoolwork.

Supervised study sessions are open to residential children as well as 50 students from the community. Many students who walk to school at Espwa do not have an environment at home that allows them to study - they lack access to electricity for lighting; they may not have access to necessary school supplies; or have other chores such as helping their parent cook dinner, clean, or work.

Supervised study sessions give all students a dedicated time to complete their school work in a supportive environment.

Staff members have access to continued training throughout the year, with each department participating in their own specialized training regularly. A well-trained staff is crucial for developing the whole child and protecting the rights of children – this is our highest priority.

We look forward to building a stronger team in support of the academic success of our students. Thank you for making it all possible!

Do you want to help our students flourish? Supervised study sessions and the After-School Program cannot function without your support.

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