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Internship Program Begins on Campus

It’s said that the best way to learn is by doing. One of the ways we hope to prepare our resident children for independent life is through on-campus internships.

While we have had a few similar opportunities available for our residents over the years, Child Development staff have been working with other staff members to build a more robust and cooperative internship program that will encompass more areas on campus and include more of our residents.

Engaging teenagers in work activities and experiences gives them the opportunity to learn about the jobs that are available to them when they return to their communities outside of Espwa. Exploring different work environments allows them to gauge their strengths and weaknesses, learn how to work with others, work on their communication skills, and hone other skills they may need to engage in the various positions.

Young interns have been working in the guest house and maintenance teams over the years, but the new program will extend to many other departments, including:

· Kitchen

· Transportation

· Food depot

· Clinic

· Reception

· Tailor shop

· Agroforestry

· Stock room

· Child Development

· Haircutting

· Electricity

The internship program will focus on teenagers in their last 2 years at Pwoje Espwa. When they enter the Transition Program at 18-years-old, the teens will continue their education for 2 years in a trade school or pursue other business opportunities. The internship program allows for them to prepare for these experiences and gives them a better idea of what their future dreams, goals, and pursuits will be as they transition out.

This month (April), 20 to 24 teen students will fill internship positions across these departments for a term of 3 months. We look forward to seeing the closer cooperation and growth between our residents and staff members!

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