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Laughter and music fill campus with the beginning of After-School Program

New elements of our After-school Program kicked off this month including music, learning, problem-solving, art, and fun!

Activities take place in the Youth Activity Center, which previously functioned as the secondary school before the new building was constructed last year. Children can choose from a variety of activities, including:

  • Music

  • Dance

  • Art

  • Macramé

  • Cosmetology/hair cutting

  • Cooking

  • Computers

  • Sports (basketball, soccer)

  • Electricity

  • Plumbing

The after-school program also incorporates supervised study, internships in various departments across campus, and community service opportunities.

By offering activities in many different areas, children can learn, explore and identify not only what they enjoy but also areas where they may excel. One day, they can use their uncovered skills and talents to begin a career or find income-earning opportunities.

Initially only offered to residential children, the after-school program is now open to 50 children from the surrounding community. Now, they too can have access to space where they can discover their talents and find support.

Activities outside of school promote physical health, encourage creativity, build problem-solving and team-building skills, and improve academic performance.

Pwoje Espwa provides a safe space for children to learn and grow, inside and outside of school. We are grateful for all those who make this possible!

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