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Loving arms open for Noel

This is Noel and his mom.

Noel has been a resident at Pwoje Espwa for 5 years. Now 11 years old, Noel will be returning home to be reunited with his family.

Being separated from family at critical developmental ages can be harmful for a child like Noel. Child development happens within their social and ecological environment – they need basic care like education, shelter and food, but they also need love, community, and social connections.

Research shows that removing a child from their family and community connections, even when they receive the best residential care, has negative impacts on the child’s long-term well-being.

Social workers at Pwoje Espwa and partnering organizations have carefully assessed Noel’s family and everything they will need for their success.

Noel’s parents are eager to welcome Noel home to a house built by Pwoje Espwa not far from campus where they live together. Not only will Noel be reunited with his parents, he will return to his 7 brothers and sisters as well. He will be able to walk to school at Pwoje Espwa, where he will continue his academic journey with guidance from experienced teachers and staff.

Reintegrating Noel with his family makes sense.

When we care for a child through our programs and services, our reach touches not only their life but also the lives of their families.

While Noel has a big family full of love to embrace him, there is a strong need for expanded support beyond one child. Noel’s siblings will also receive education support. Meanwhile, social workers will work with his parents to expand their capacity to be able to care for Noel and his 7 siblings through business training and long-term food support through farming or animal husbandry, so that they will one day be able to provide for their children on their own.

Every child deserves to grow up in a loving home, not separated from their family.

When we support a child, we support stronger families.

Stronger families build thriving communities.

Communities provide an environment of support, love and connection for growing children.

Our hearts are full to know that Noel will soon be embraced by the loving arms of his parents and siblings - for good.

Join us in keeping families together.

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