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Make it a Summer of C.A.R.E. at Pwoje Espwa!

Summer "Fun-Raising" Campaign!

This summer, we're reaching out to our donors, supporters, and friends to help us reach our goal of


through Facebook fundraisers!

We know our donors, supporters, friends, visitors, and partners all have their own unique connection to our mission. We invite you to share your story and your love for supporting the children at Pwoje Espwa Sud with your friends, family, and community networks so that we can make it a Summer of C.A.R.E. --

Community Development

Empowering local communities by building strong families.

Accessible Support

Connecting families with accessible resources in their communities.

Realistic Solutions

Finding realistic and attainable solutions to provide families with shelter, financial, and social stability.

Excellence in Education

Giving children quality educational opportunities for a brighter future.

Starting your own campaign on Facebook is easy!

Visit our website to download our easy-to-follow Facebook "Fun-Raising" Guide and get your page set up today!

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