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National Soccer Team Ushers Welcomed Wave of Peace

On June 29th, masses of Haitians ran through the streets chanting. Only this time they weren’t continuing their calls for justice.

Instead, they were celebrating the national soccer team’s 3-2 defeat of Canada in the CONCACAF Gold Cup.

In an astounding run, Haiti’s national team made it to the semi-finals of the CONCACAF Gold Cup, a biennial international men’s soccer tournament of the North, Central American and Caribbean region.

While they lost to Mexico 0-1 in the Semi-Final match on Tuesday, their success on the field ushered in a wave of peace in cities across Haiti.

One of Pwoje Espwa's boys' soccer teams representing our school in a local tournament

Soccer is truly Haiti’s favorite pastime. The children can be found at any time on campus kicking around a soccer ball, whether it’s friendly passes or an intense competition.

Espwa schools are represented by a few boys’ teams who compete every year in tournaments against other schools in the area. They are able to give it all on the field with special donations from visitors and supporters of uniforms and cleats.

While we’re not hopeful the singing and dancing will overcome Haiti’s deepening political and social crisis, Haitians welcomed their opportunity to prove to the world that they deserve to be on the field.

Congratulations to the Haitian men’s national soccer team on their magical run; and a warm recognition to the beautiful sport for narrowing the divide between nations and showing that Haiti can unite to do something great.

We continue to pray for peace.

Help us keep our programs operating during this challenging time.

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