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Newest Group Preparing to Enter Transition Program

While some children are filling their summer vacation time with friends, pick up soccer games, and activities led by Child Development staff, 16 young adults are preparing for their next step in life as they enter the Transition Program.

Meet the 16 young adults entering the Transition Program this year!

At the age of 18, young adults still under Pwoje Espwa’s residential care make their transition back into Haitian society. This year, we have 16 residents who are entering the Transition Program.

The Transition Program over the last few years has operated as a 2-year program in which young adults receive two years of vocational education and live together in group homes in town. For many reasons, we have restructured our Transition Program in order to provide young adults with the best services to ignite inspiration and envision their opportunities.

We are partnering with CFRAPS, a local professional organization providing psychosocial and professional development services, for the delivery of the Transition Program. The program will provide a broad range of services to prepare and guide young adults as they reintegrate with family and communities and engage with a productive career in the workforce.

Interpersonal development

through individual and family counseling

Social development

through group workshops and recreational activities

Professional development

through business training program and vocational training programs

Personal development

with life skills support

Of the 16 residents entering the Transition Program this year, all but 2 will be returning to live with their families so that they may be embraced by their communities and they can establish systems of support. It is our hope that upon completion of their time in the program, young adults will be able to use their new skills to give back to their communities.

At the end of the month, these 16 future leaders will say goodbye to their residence at Espwa. A few weeks later, they will begin their first series of the business training program focused on Career Planning.

Please keep them in your prayers!


Learn more about the Transition Program here.

Do you want to help inspire young adults in Haiti to envision a future of possibility and hope?

Donate to the Transition Program today!

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