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Parent-School meeting stresses the importance of parental role in education

Parents filled campus last week as they arrived for their first meeting with staff and teachers to discuss major academic decisions for the current school year (Remember: we opened our school in November this year due to the rise of the sociopolitical and economic crisis in Haiti).

Administrators covered many topics with the parents, including:

  • Financial commitments (tuition, fees, payment schedules, scholarships, etc.)

  • Their responsibility in their child’s education (for example, providing their children with the correct books and supplies)

  • School operating hours

  • And the formation of a new Parents’ Committee.

Consistent, open communication with parents is key to the success of our students. By inviting parents into the school community, they can have a better understanding of how to best support their child in his or her academic endeavors.

Research shows that family engagement in schools is key to improving student achievement, reducing the number of days missed by a child, and restoring parents’ confidence in their child’s education. Students with involved parents or caregivers generally earn higher grades, have better social skills, and show improved behavior.

When a child feels supported by teachers in school, and parents or caregivers at home, their confidence soars and has a positive effect on the achievement of goals and academic growth. If you have ever been a parent, you know there is nothing more assuring than recognizing your child when they bring home a good grade!

Engaging a room full of attentive parents and caregivers creates a sense of partnership and shared responsibility with families in addressing the needs of a whole and healthy child. We are excited about their growing involvement!

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