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Preparing For Summer Amidst Challenges

As the teachers are closing out the school year with report cards, we are gearing up for a summer of activities with the children!

With our new Youth Activity Center all painted and prepped, Child Development staff are looking forward to filling the space with music, craftsmanship, energy, and laughter.

Political and social upheaval in Haiti over the last year have forced us to plan alternatively as protests and economic turmoil have caused major disruptions. The current protests are especially challenging.

Violence in the streets keeps people at home and businesses closed. Prices continue to rise with the disruption of economic activity across the country. In Les Cayes, markets have been inaccessible by our kitchen staff. Because we are not sure when we will be able to access the market again, instead of purchasing produce and goods in town we are relying on local farmers for cassava and mamba (peanut butter) in order to conserve the cooking resources we have left.

Not only do the current protests put pressure on our budget and programs, but the constant turmoil affects children emotionally and impacts our efforts to support their families. Being away from your parents and loved ones can cause stress for the children at Pwoje Espwa who want to ensure that their families are safe. We are struggling to meet the needs of our family support programs because of the unstable economy – rising prices of goods, dwindling fuel supplies, and simply the safety concerns for our staff in delivering these resources.

Opposition groups have called for protests this week in order to prevent the Ministry of Education from administering official exams. So far, all appears calm, and our 9th grade students were able to reach their exam sites safely. Security guards on campus have been working tirelessly over the last few weeks, and continue to stand by for them.

Amidst the instability, we are committed to providing the children with the care they need and summer programming to keep their minds and bodies active. Maintaining an environment of stability is critical for the healthy development of children.

We can’t maintain a stable environment of faith, hope, and love without your support during this time of crisis.

Please consider making a donation today so that we can continue to support the children and their families in the best way we can. The children depend on YOU.

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Check out some pictures from our new Youth Activity Center!

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