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Promoting A Child's Right to a Family Environment During Times of Crisis

Join the children as they celebrate children's rights with games, puzzles and other fun activities in another walk-through of Children’s Day celebrations!

As advocates for and protectors of children’s rights in Haiti, we acknowledge the important role that families play in the healthy development of a child.

In Haiti, providing stable, substantive care for your family can feel like a heavy task. Even while putting in devastatingly hard work and sacrifice to provide food and an education for your children, parents in Haiti are often met with challenges and roadblocks.

The recent anti-corruption protests place an even larger burden on the already inaccessible resources across the country. Food and other important resources like cooking oil and fuel are nearly out of reach as markets are kept closed; and those resources that are still accessible have skyrocketed in price. Social services, schools and medical facilities are also shut down. Families are forced to squeeze even more out of every gourdes as their work schedules are interrupted.

The continued uncertainty with the political, economic and social standing in Haiti keeps families in a threatening balancing act.

Our Residential Care Program is one way Pwoje Espwa gives families the opportunity to stabilize and regain strength during times like these. Children remain under the care of exceptional and qualified staff who ensure they reach healthy and on-track development by providing

  • 3 healthy meals a day

  • Safe and secure homes

  • Kindergarten through Secondary education

  • School uniform, daily clothing and shoes

  • After school program and religious education

  • Regular wellness check-ups and immunizations.

When families have regained their strength, they are reunited with their children so that their child can continue to grow within the guidance of their family and community network.

“Our staff works tirelessly with families to assess their needs and determine how best to support them. Our goal is that one day each family may be reunited. Not surprisingly many of our families remain in crisis years after sending their children to us. With no economic or social infrastructure from the government, private NGO’s like ours fill the void with residential care, scholarships, and community development.
…Our services help make vulnerable families stronger because every child deserves to live with a loving family.”

-Executive Director Frank Irr

Help us give families the opportunity to find strength

during these trying times in Haiti.

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