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Q&A: Answering your questions about the crisis and its effect on Pwoje Espwa

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Since the protests in Haiti started in February 2019, we have been providing updates on the situation across the country and on campus at Pwoje Espwa. In response, we have received emails, calls, and messages from our friends and donors seeking more details.

>> Did you miss the most recent updates? You can read our most recent eNewsletter here or read updates on the Espwa Community Blog

Because many of you probably share similar questions, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions and included some updates to help you understand more about the situation.

We are overwhelmed by the amount of love and concern you have shown for the children, families, and staff at Pwoje Espwa. Thank you for your genuine concern and support as we navigate these challenging times. Thank you for giving us hope.

Frequently Asked Questions:


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