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Saturday wiggles and smiles at Pwoje Espwa!

Sometimes you just need to let your wiggles out... Happy Saturday from this little guy!

For the kids who find comfort, shelter, education, and more through our Crisis Care Program, every day has an opportunity for smiles.

Pwoje Espwa provides residential care for children who do not have a family member to care for them, or whose families are in a crisis situation and under their circumstances cannot care for their child. While the family builds its capacity for self-sustainment through our Family Preservation Program, their child receives loving care from dedicated child care staff, guidance from experienced social workers, and an education from our well-trained teachers.

Every child deserves to play, smile, laugh - to be a kid - in a safe, loving environment. Thank you to our staff and donors for your dedication to the children!

We hope you groove into the weekend!

You can learn more about our programs through our website!

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