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Spreading JOY!

Another holiday season and new year, another year of spreading JOY to children in communities across southern Haiti!

In partnership with Cross Catholic International's Box of Joy program, our staff at Pwoje Espwa helped distribute 6,800 boxes containing a variety of gifts and goodies to children in small communities covering the entire southern department of Haiti.

The boxes were distributed across 28 events. A few special groups of children were included in our events this year, including

  • handicapped children,

  • minors being held in the prison,

  • children receiving care in community hospitals,

  • as well as communities where children who have previously resided at Pwoje Espwa have been reintegrated with their families.

Many of the locations are very difficult to reach and have limited to no access to basic utilities and services, like electricity, clean water, schools, and medical care. For many of the children, their Box of Joy was the very first gift they have ever received.

Thank you to our incredible staff who made these events possible!!!

Take a look at pictures across the different events HERE

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