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Staying Cool and Building A Strong Community

How are you spending your hot summer days?!

Every day, the children at Pwoje Espwa are taking a break from the Haitian sun in the new Youth Activity Center!

With the addition of a new secondary school building completed earlier this year, the old secondary school building has been reconditioned to serve as a space for after-school and extracurricular activities like music, art, and religious education.

Staff members lead small groups in various arts and crafts activities, community clean up projects, games, and religious education. Each activity revolves around the following lessons and responsibilities we have as members of a community, both at a local and global level:



Helping others

Protecting the environment

Managing conflict

We love to see the children work together and embrace lessons of good stewardship towards their environments - their physical surroundings and the people that encompass them. We are grateful to have staff members dedicated to sharing these messages of building strong, supportive communities through the power of one.

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As summer activities continue, we are seeing a consistency with power since the completion of Phase 1 of our Solar Project! With fewer outages, less maintenance, and consistent communications between Pwoje Espwa and Free the Kids staff unhindered by power problems, we are looking forward to continuing the transition to a completely solar powered campus.

Read more about our Solar Project!


We are in severe need of support during the continued sociopolitical unrest in Haiti. Read blog posts on recent crisis updates and how it is affecting operations at Pwoje Espwa.

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to keep critical programs supporting children and their families operating.

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