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Striving to help families thrive...and stay together

Many parents in Haiti find themselves in a hopeless position, separated from their children because they have placed them in an orphanage so their basic needs can be met. Free the Kids, through our project in Les Cayes, Pwoje Espwa Sud, is challenging this pattern.

Our residential care services provide a temporary solution for families in crisis as we strive for our primary goal…keeping families together whenever possible.

For the children that are residents at Pwoje Espwa, connections are kept alive with their families through visitations, activities, and counseling services. This summer, many of our families will be able to spend time together with their children with help from YOU.

Extreme poverty should not be the reason children are separated from their parents. Every child deserves to grow and be loved in a safe, loving family environment. Even while children are in residence, keeping the connection between parents and their children is critical for healthy development in the child and perseverance for families working to create a better life so they can be reunited.

To make this mission possible, we need YOUR help, so that together we can strengthen families.

Whether the children who find home at Pwoje Espwa are awaiting to return to their parents or an extended family member like a grandmother – like the family pictured here – maintaining family connections conserves healthy relationships and promotes social, emotional and moral growth. Strong families create strong communities, and strong communities are influential environments of growth for children. Strong communities generate strong children, and today’s children are the future of Haiti. 

Help us give these children the opportunity to promote change. 

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