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Students Finish Strong Despite Challenges

Congratulations to all of the students who attend school at Pwoje Espwa on finishing their school year last week!

Parents joined the students on campus last Friday for the issuing of report cards as the children dressed in their best for the occasion.

An education is one of the most highly valued possessions in Haiti – a belief evident in the dedication of our students all year.

This school year was not without challenges for the students. Political unrest since early 2018 has been responsible for countless days of school closures in order to avoid students traveling in streets while tires are burned and citizens march. A combination of the shutdown of economic activities, fuel shortages, rising inflation and price increases also made travel to campus nearly inaccessible.

Despite numerous disruptions, our students refused to be disillusioned and persevered through the year, completing their course work and exams on time.

Students perform at year-end celebrations

We are always amazed by the strong, relentless spirit of Haitian youth. We are proud of you all!

Bon vakans – happy summer vacation!

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