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Teachers return to campus for annual training

Summer academic opportunities close out this week as teacher trainings begin.

Teachers and staff offered a summer program for secondary school students who struggled with grades last school year. Students were given an opportunity to receive individualized tutoring from their teachers as well as the opportunity to re-take the national test, which determines whether their academic career will carry onto the next grade or require repeating a grade.

We are incredibly grateful for the dedication of our teachers who support learning for all students and encourage their growth and achievements.

One of the ways we in turn support our teachers is through annual trainings. This week, the primary school teachers dedicated countless hours in their own classrooms engaged in discussion, sharing, and learning from their peers. School directors overviewed new strategies and tools for success in the classroom. Training for secondary school teachers will begin next week.

Free the Kids supports approximately 1,200 students with an education either at Pwoje Espwa Sud schools or scholarships at community schools. This includes students whose families receive support from our Family Preservation program.

Many families in Haiti send their children to institutions like Pwoje Espwa due to their inability to provide them with basic needs, including the opportunity to receive an education. Public schools in Haiti are not free, and many families cannot afford the list of schools fees to send their child to school. The fees have become especially burdensome in the current economic climate in which the cost of living has skyrocketed.

Providing scholarships is one way we keep families together when creating individualized support plans.


Summer tutoring opportunities and annual teacher trainings are made possible because of donations from friends and advocates like you!

Please help us support our 1,200 students this year by donating to our Education Program!

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