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Teaching Respect and Love Through Service

Teaching children how to take clean up after themselves is one of the many responsibilities house monitors have at Pwoje Espwa. Kicking off with Labor and Agriculture Day on May 1st, learning to care for your home extended to the environment!

The residents at PES have been participating in community clean ups around campus. Working together, they pick up trash to be disposed of correctly in order to keep campus clean and beautiful. As the saying goes...

“Anpil men chay pa lou” – many hands make light work!

Something as simple as picking up trash confers several lessons important for developing minds: responsibility, teamwork and communication, community service and stewardship, respect.

Imparting the capacity to give love and respect – to others, to your home, to yourself – is one of the greatest gifts to share with children.

We are grateful for the house monitors and staff at Pwoje Espwa who share these lessons!

It's not too late to give thanks to mothers and loved ones who continue to teach you lessons in love and respect!

For the month of May, share your gratitude for the mother figures in your life by donating to the Family Preservation Program.

For every donation we receive in May, your mother or loved one and a mother in Haiti will receive a special Mother's Day card!

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