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UPDATE: Children engaged in activities while schools remain closed

The ongoing crisis in Haiti has kept the schools at Pwoje Espwa closed for weeks. Dedicated staff has been ensuring residential children are engaged while the situation remains extremely unstable across the country. During a time of devastation and fear, children are given the opportunity to play and be embraced in hope and love.

Various activities across campus have included sing-a-longs, coloring and crafts, and - of course - many soccer games.

We are grateful for our house monitors and staff members for their commitment to the safety and happiness of the children. Their loving guidance, along with the laughter and smiles of the children, fill our hearts.

Haiti is still in deep turmoil. Please continue to pray for their safety and for the safety of families across Haiti.


Protests are ongoing. The crisis continues to keep government offices paralyzed, markets and schools closed, and families in desperate living conditions as they struggle to find food, clean water, and fuel.

Please read more below about the devastation in Haiti - and then act.

You can support vulnerable families in our communities by making a donation today so that Pwoje Espwa can provide them critical relief support.



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