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UPDATE: Reducing panic amidst announcement of Coronavirus in Haiti

Haitians are scrambling to purchase supplies like food, soap, medical and cleaning supplies in the wake of Haiti President Jovenel Moise’s declaration of a state of emergency on Thursday evening. Much like the uncertainty weighing on shoulders all over the world, Haitians are scared.

Read more about Haiti’s response to first Coronavirus cases

At Espwa we are continuing to monitor the situation and evaluate the needs of our children, families, and staff. In a time of uncertainty and fear, our main focus right now is to reduce the panic among our community.

Current response at Espwa:

  • Coordinating with Overture International

  • Offering our services to health partner organizations

  • Students sent home yesterday with a one-month supply of food

  • Team of social workers actively reaching out to families to provide social support (i.e. counseling and emotional support)

  • Providing training in communities for good sanitation practices

  • Supporting those in critical food insecurity with food distributions

Haiti is a densely populated country with poor sanitation infrastructure and inadequate healthcare facilities. Citizens are being told to wash hands frequently with soap and water, but most Haitians do not have access to running water in their homes and rely on community water sources. An outbreak of Coronavirus in this environment would most likely be devastating.

As we continue to evaluate the situation, our entirely Haitian team is addressing the concerns and needs of our community. Please continue to pray for the safety and health of the communities we serve – the children, their families, our staff, community members, and our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

Thank you for considering your critical gift

towards our Coronavirus response efforts in Haiti.

You continue to be in our prayers as well. Click HERE for an encouraging reflection.


to Coronavirus prevention in Haiti

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