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UPDATE: Schools reopen in Camp Perrin

We are happy to share that our school at the Camp Perrin satellite campus reopened this week!  Our 300 students are overjoyed to be back in the classroom after a 7-week hiatus.

Students return to the classroom, which included taking some time to catch up on exams. The school lunch program also recommenced, providing each student with a hot lunch.


  • Conditions in Haiti continue to keep most schools across the country closed due to road closures, gang activity, and a general shutdown of daily activities.

  • This includes the schools at Pwoje Espwa.

How do our teachers adapt? If you can’t bring the students to the classroom, bring the classroom to the students!

  • While they may not be able to teach in their classrooms, our dedicated teachers have compiled activity packets for their students to complete at home to keep their brains stimulated.

Other ongoings at Pwoje Espwa:

  • Staff members continue to engage the children in various activities - like coloring, dance lessons, and soccer games.

  • Our on-site psychologist meets regularly with residential children.

Our teachers, students, and staff remind us of the resilience of the human spirit. Many thanks to YOU, our friends and donors, who send their prayers, love, and support. 

We still need your help!

Please make a donation today to help us navigate the current economic conditions and continue to support vulnerable families and children in our communities.


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