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We like to move it, move it!

Dancing is not only a creative outlet, but a great way to relieve stress, move your body, and have fun with friends!

Children at Pwoje Espwa participate in dance classes as a part of the After-School Program. The new Youth Activity Center is a meeting place for children to create, move, play, relax, learn, and most of all, grow.

What was once the Secondary School was reconditioned last summer to serve as a center for after-school and extracurricular activities, like dance, art, and religious education.

With the guidance of staff members, the After-School Program extends the brain stimulation of the school day by giving children different creative and critical-thinking outlets as well as opportunities for leadership, discussion, and spiritual growth. For those who still have energy to expend, you can attend dance class - like the one led by another student in the video. For those who crave the peaceful relief of coloring, you can attend an art class. And so much more!

Stimulating children with art and movement have numerous developmental benefits for children, including decreasing stress and anxiety, boosting self-esteem, and increasing memory, among many others.

These opportunities would not be made possible without the support of our donors and friends. Thank you for giving children the space to create and play!


Do you want to support programs like the After-School Program at Pwoje Espwa?

Make a donation today!

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